Palindromic Bookmaking

As part of The Tetley‘s Saturday Springboard programme and as part of the 17th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair, I led a workshop creating Palindromic Books. The books were made using proper bookbinding materials, tools and techniques following a basic stitch.

The idea for creating palindromes came as a response to a piece in the main exhibition at The Tetley, The Reversing Machine, by artists Simon Lewandowski and Sam Belinfante. They had installed a self-reversing machine which connected to two turntables which played palindromic records- specifically commissioned to play in both directions.

Simon Lewandowski & Sam Belinfante, The Reversing Machine, 2014

Simon Lewandowski & Sam Belinfante, The Reversing Machine, 2014

Participants were able to select prepared pages for their books, from a range of palindrome pairs, which they then brought together and bound. Once the pages were sewn together the book read as a palindrome itself, creating a sort of Nonsense poem!

Workshop supported by The Tetley and artist Katrina Cowling.

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