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For this workshop, launching KIOSK, an exciting new mobile making unit devised by East Leeds Project and designed and built by Emma Hardaker at Dukes Makes, we set up at The Old Red Fire Station in Gipton. Approaching screen printing for the first time, particpants looked at symbols, symbolic colours, shapes and motifs found in flags and across cultures and folklore. Together we discussed what shapes and colours could mean, together and apart and made choices for basic designs. These were cut from newsprint and used as stencils to create layered screenprints.

KIOSK’s space provided such a great atmosphere for making- a lot of people were curious and keen to take part- the fun and freedom of making clearly appealed- we had some amazing results for first time printers and everyone was able to keep some prints whilst contributing one to a collection that will build through more KIOSK adventures to create a fun communal artwork.


Workshops & Activities


Throughout history the pocket notebook/sketchbook has played an integral role in the development of many important ideas. Famous thinkers and makers who were never without their pocket notebooks include Leonardo Da Vinci, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Darwin, Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo, Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe & Isaac Newton.

I’m interested in the moment in which an idea is found and how it is initially articulated or recorded. For this free, drop-in workshop, as part of East St Arts Open Studios weekend, people are invited to measure and bind a notebook of their own to fit a specific pocket, using traditional bookbinding techniques, tools and materials.

East Street Arts Open Studios

Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road, Leeds

Saturday 25th October 5pm-7pm

Phenakisto-wha? at The Tetley

Workshops & Activities


Following on from the amazing stop-frame animations created by the Breeze group with Alison Booth, I worked with participants to create portable animating objects, either using drawings or images created in the pop-up photo booth. Using pre-cinema Zoetrope and Phenakistoscope techniques with recycled materials. At The Tetley.

Maybe It’s Only Us…Mirrors & Mazes…Week 1

Workshops & Activities

Half way through our workshop sessions working towards the exciting Maze of Mirrors for Unity Day!

During our 1st session we had a LOT of fun thinking of key words and ideals for our Utopia (ie. putting the world to rights!) which continued into the 2nd session with Kerri & Molly gathering some excellent contributions and thoughts from the crowds in Hyde Park! We’ve had everything from ‘no politicians’ to ‘more leopards climbing trees’….

Translating the words into Thomas More’s Utopian alphabet has been an interesting challenge too, we realised that the letters ‘u’ and ‘w’ weren’t used much in the 16th century…, so Margaret designed some Utopian alternatives for us to use.

The construction of our optical illusions are underway! We looked at artworks by Marcel Duchamp and Ludwig Lindley alongside some amazing examples of antique phenkistoscope designs and will use these to create some large scale ‘tricks of the eye’ to hypnotise our audience with our Utopian values!


Maybe It’s Only Us…: Mirrors & Mazes

Workshops & Activities

Exciting project for Unity Day 2014 with Swarthmore Education Centre! I’m looking to put together a creative team for a series of free workshop sessions over the next few weeks, so that we can design and build a large, sculptural Maze of Mirrors! The maze will also contain a number of hand made optical illusions which will convey secret messages using the Utopian language created by Thomas More in his sixteenth century book which described a fictional island society in which everything, apparently, was perfect…

If you are interested in taking part please email or call 0113 243 2210. The sessions will be best enjoyed if you are able to make all of them, but if you can only make one or two it will still be great to have you!

Printing Places at Chapeltown Arts Festival

Workshops & Activities

Delivering a a fun day of collagraph printing with artist Clare McCormack on Saturday 5 July as part of Chapeltown Arts Festival 2014. It was a very fun and busy day with some excellent printmaking! We thought everybody did excellently and were also pleased to discover that our printmaking workshop fits perfectly in Clare’s bicycle trailer- we are officially portable! Allez, allez! More images of people’s prints will be added soon…