Workshops & Activities

For this workshop, launching KIOSK, an exciting new mobile making unit devised by East Leeds Project and designed and built by Emma Hardaker at Dukes Makes, we set up at The Old Red Fire Station in Gipton. Approaching screen printing for the first time, particpants looked at symbols, symbolic colours, shapes and motifs found in flags and across cultures and folklore. Together we discussed what shapes and colours could mean, together and apart and made choices for basic designs. These were cut from newsprint and used as stencils to create layered screenprints.

KIOSK’s space provided such a great atmosphere for making- a lot of people were curious and keen to take part- the fun and freedom of making clearly appealed- we had some amazing results for first time printers and everyone was able to keep some prints whilst contributing one to a collection that will build through more KIOSK adventures to create a fun communal artwork.

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